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Yuksel Law

With more than 30 years as a leading Turkish law firm specializing in the facilitation of FDI, Yuksel Law (YL) has been receiving a growing number of enquiries from around the world into the Turkish citizenship program.

Since its establishment, YL has assisted countless numbers of foreign investors with acquiring property, land, and setting up a range of businesses, from SME’s to internationally recognized luxury hotel brands.

Alongside these investments, Turkish residency permits, and more recently, Turkish citizenship applications, have grown from an ancillary to a core service provided to clients.

YL’s founder, Murat Yuksel, said that he is receiving daily requests from prospective clients wishing to start the process, which he has been assisting them with directly from their countries of residence.

To begin an application process, the requirements may differ depending on the country, with some being more challenging than others. That is why Mr. Yuksel works hard to personally resolve certain issues and complications by working in tandem with the Embassies and Consular Generals of any given country in which he has a client base.

This strategy has proven to be quite effective in saving time and streamlining the often quite difficult process of beginning one’s journey, from initial application until the realization of acquiring Turkish citizenship.

As we are approaching the long-awaited travel ban in Turkey to be lifted, clients from around the world have already been booking appointments to visit YL offices in Bodrum and Istanbul, once they get the chance to travel to Turkey.

Now that the Turkish government is streamlining the CIP application process with significant improvements to the system, as well as the previously long and drawn out VAT exemption process (after acquiring a property), Turkish citizenship is now by far the quickest route to a second passport, according to Mr. Yuksel.

For those who are still concerned about traveling due to COVID 19, many applicants have been opting to process their applications remotely. If you would like to explore the option of remote processing, YL would be happy to provide you with a consultation to explore the most effective ways for you to get started.

Many family-based applications are looking at a permanent relocation for themselves, and for their businesses, which makes YL’s experience in corporate Law invaluable for these clients. Mr. Yuksel has provided legal councel to some of the world’s UHNI and global corporate names when launching their businesses in Turkey.

YL also provides legal services for many other RCBI programs, for both Turkish citizens and the new wave of clients applying for Turkish citizenship, yet looking to expand their borders and eventually move onto additional programs within Europe and the US.